New Student Information

The following information provides parents and students with the guidelines and tools necessary to comfortably participate in the Hastings Self Defense Academy (HSDA) program. It is almost impossible to cover every possible situation or question that may arise for an individual, so please come directly to the head instructor (Sibak Blake Lucas) with any questions or concerns that are not covered within this handbook/web site.


  1. Once you make a decision to enroll into our program, there are 3 forms you must fill out:
    1. Information Packet

    Please print and sign or they are available at the Dojo.

  2. We do a few things:
    1. Enter your information int a database so we have contact, emergency, birthday information etc.
    2. Enter your name and email into our group email. Your information is kept private. The only time we will give out your information is if you give us written permission.
    3. Give you a Student Manual that contains information that the student needs.


  1. Students are expected to:
    1. Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed to prevent the risk of injury to other students.
    2. Male students must ALWAYS wear groin cups.
    3. No jewelry may be worn during class. Pierced ears can be taped.
    4. Wear clean and neat karate uniforms. Belt must always be worn to class.
    5. Bring water for your own personal use (or water at HSDA).
  2. Be on time for class. Late class arrival (the class has already bowed in) requires pushups before entering.
    1. Parents are encouraged to watch their kids in class so you can help them at home.
    2. Students should arrive at the school between 5 and 15 minutes before class starts.
    3. Parents should pick their student up from class within 15 minutes of the end of class unless arrangements are made with Sensei Blake ahead of time.
    4. Parents must come into the building to pick their child up – we will not let a child walk out to the parking lot without a parent or approved guardian.
  3. Before entering the mat, the student must face the mat and bow.
  4. Before leaving the mat, the student must turn and face the mat and bow before leaving.
  5. Students are encouraged to use the bathroom before class.
    1. If a student needs to use the rest room during class, he/she must ask an instructor.
    2. Students are advised to wear shoes when going into the rest rooms.
  6. Please observe the following rules:
    1. The lobby or viewing area are not play areas – children must be seated and quiet during classes.
    2. No coaching (verbally or with hand signals) your child (through the window) during class.
    3. Please clean up your area and throw away any and all trash in to the trash bin near the entrance.
  7. Miss class for one calendar month or more and the student’s current belt status must be discussed
    with Sensei Lucas.
  8. Class attendance is unlimited for all students.
  9. Students are not required to attend class on a specific day or time – attendance is flexible for all programs.


  1. Students receive a free Red Notebook which includes the Student Manual, reference materials, blank paper and a pen after enrolling in the HSDA program.
  2. Red Folder replacements are $15.
  3. Many of the materials in the Red Folder, including the belt requirements are available on the HSDA web site (


For the following information, please See the current Fees.
Monthly Tuition Payment
Missed Classes & Make Up Classes